Forget Battle of the Bands - Spiel Groups Take On Team Titles!

At Spiel Group we foster a work hard, play hard mentality. Whilst we are relaxed we expect the best from our people. We believe in balance! So, what does that mean at Spiel Group? It’s simple: a little fun goes a long way!

We just wanted to do something out of context and give our teams the freedom to relax, show up in a different way and have some fun said Nicole Le Maistre, National Sales Manager, and they did!

The NSW Spiel Teams were challenged to develop a name that reflected their team and create a design for their respective areas. Well none of us expected what came next!

Theme music, Fancy dress, Creative Designs and most important everyone involved and everyone having fun. 

Four teams battled out a very tight competition:


The Wolves of Bay St – came in hard with creativity and nothing left to chance. Dressed in suits, throwing money round even a full write up in the Ultimo Times. Their design was thoughtful and aligned to their theme. What sales team doesn’t think of themselves as the money tree!





Tradies in The Jungle , fierce in every way. Their thoughtfulness towards encapsulating their team environment stood them apart and the detail was exceptional – who doesn’t love soft forest friends! But this team showed a solid united front with all members getting involved in a team visit to Kmart where they divided and conquered the aisles collecting all the decorations to make their new home. Definitely winning in the team involvement criteria.



The Originals thought of everything from the print outs of all the original mast heads they sell to the original ABC news track as backing music, loved the touch of the original Aussie snacks, the black and white everywhere and the original backlight signage completed the neon original theme. Took me back to the Black & White TV days! Faultless design and alignment to theme. Awesome effort!




99 Problems but a Pitch ain’t one! Well this took everyone by surprise –Rap Dancing, sales theme alignment, visual appeal from the ceiling to the floor and overall creativity always channelled back to their team objective – the perfect Pitch. This team is destined for So you think you can dance! What more could one ask!




All teams excelled on all five criteria: sales team alignment, team involvement, longevity, creativity & visual appeal and the results were tight with a tie for first place from Wolves of Bay St and 99 Problems but a Pitch.

`The ultimate outcome from this event was the pure fun: the enthusiasm, excitement and adrenalin in the room was exhilarating. The teams were awesome. Stay tuned for Spiel Group’s next team competition! Bring it on!