Surf & Sales Up: Spiel Group Queensland relocates to Surfers Paradise Beach!

Making the investment in your office and team improves company culture in turn improving productivity.  There was an 88% increase in weekly sales in the first 2 weeks since Spiel Group moved their awesome new premises.

Adam Simons, Founder and MD, Spiel Group had a clear set of criteria when looking for a new office which included location, atmosphere and space. The office and its environment play such a huge part in the happiness and productivity of your team that finding the right premises is paramount.

  • Location: It had to be near transport, parking and in close proximity to food options. We wanted a cool location that created a great vibe. Having a vibrant bustling hub of activity at our doorstep does just that. The energy transcends into the office and the team have been responding to their new environment. Moving to the beach had the added advantage of allowing some of the team to add an early morning surf to their routine!  
  • Atmosphere was a must have feature in choosing the right office space. Allowing staff to get involved in the interior decorating gave them some ownership and fun. Of primary importance was providing natural light as it affects the health and wellbeing of every person on the planet. According to the World Green Building Council, employees working near sunlit windows have a 15 percent higher productivity rate, so it's great to see the team enjoying the floor to ceiling windows.
  • Creative Space: The aim of the office design was to foster creativity and culture therefore having informal areas was another must have feature. We wanted areas where the team could collaborate enabling them to share ideas and conceptualise new ones. It also provided areas to socialise.

Understanding what is important to employees and what they want from their office space is fundamental to the process.


Author: Adam Simons, Founder & MD, Spiel Group

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